Ultimate Crystal Lamps Guide

Whether you want to spice up your living space, decorate a business area, or have a salt crystal making you feel reinvigorated, there will always be a type of crystal lamp for you to enjoy. These crystal lamps not only make your space look a lot more decorative and enjoyable to stay in, but also makes the room glow in warmth, rather than stay cold.crystal-ball-lamp-1

In this crystal lamps guide, we will show you the in and outs of choosing the right crystal lamp for you, regardless of any situation you might be in, as there is always a perfect lamp for you. We recommend that you follow along because there are many different types of crystal lamps and finding the right one for your decoration is your job.

Why Use a Crystal Lamp?

There are many uses for a crystal lamp, but the main reason is because it serves as a nice decoration piece and can fit into virtually any location. Whether you are setting up this lamp inside a log house or a marble tiled wedding room, it will fit in well with a relatively cheap price.

Most lamps are on the cheaper side, but they look cheap. However, crystal lamps are both cheap and look luxurious, which is the perfect combination for a lamp. So, if you are looking to save money and get a lamp that looks luxurious at the same time, then we recommend that you use this product.

There is also another use of crystal lamps. Although not directly related, you can also purchase a Himalayan crystal lamp, which serves two purposes. One of its purposes is to act as a normal, special lamp. Another purpose is to recycle positive ions in the atmosphere, and convert it to negative ions. These negative ions can then connect to your positive ions, to provide you with a reinvigorated mood, which is why these lamps are popular in homes.

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Types of Crystal Lamps

There are MANY types of these lamps that you can find, and each has a different purpose and also look a bit differently. With the perfect match, you can change a plain room, into a gorgeous looking environment at an affordable price. We will try and describe most of the types below, but as there are very many, we recommend that you look for yourself if none of the below suits you. There is also a in-depth review of each type, so if you want to learn more, you can do so.

Designer Lamps

These lamps are the ones that look very nice alongside other designer products such as designer chairs and paintings. We recommend that you check out this type if you are interested in designer products that are bit more stylish rather than efficient and useful.

Crystal Ball Lamps

These lamps are a type of lamps that are circular and most often placed on top of tables or on bed side tables. This is because they emit a soft glow instead of normal lighting, which lets the mood soften a bit as well. Since bright lamps aren’t particularly useful on bed side tables or tables, we recommend that you check out crystal ball lamps for that purpose. This lamp will let you sleep better at night and will also give you a better mood for dinner with your family due to the softer lighting rather than intense lighting. The circular design also allows for beautiful shadows on the walls created by the lines created on the ball itself.crystal-silver-ball-table-lamp-bulb-included

The price of this type of lamp isn’t particular high, which allows you to mix and match for the perfect combination. If you want to purchase one of these products for every member of your family as a gift, it won’t be terribly costly, since the price isn’t expensive. You can even purchase this lamp for each room and table, without having to spend a lot of money. If cost is an issue, we recommend that you check out this type of lamp, as you will have a great experience with them.

Crystal Hurricane Lamps

These lamps are a unique type of lamp that serves one simple main purpose. To protect the candle flame from being blown out by a sudden gust of wind. Due to the unique design of the lamp, even if there is a sudden gust of wind, the flame won’t be blown out. This type will also let you experience the shadows that are made when the light from the flame is shown against the stitches on the sides of the lamp. These hurricane lamps are often around 9″-11″, making them a good decoration piece that will be seen and enjoyed.

The price of this type of lamps are on the higher end, but due to a few reasons. These hurricane lamps are mouth blown and also are of high quality. There is also a lot more uses to these lamps than just decorating and not using it anymore after that. With this lamp, you can use it during the event as a decoration, and then use it later at home for decoration! These lamps are great to have if you want to use candles as decorations outside, but are afraid because of the uncertainty of wind blowing at any second and blowing the flame out, although it comes at a high price, they are definitely worth getting.

Desk Lamps

These lamps are the type of lamps that either sit on top of a desk or on a nightstand. Although they may not look as great, as the designer lamps, they are great to have if you want special lighting in your room without the lamp taking a huge chunk of your room.

Crystal Desk Lampscrystal-table-lamp-with-grey-shade-for-home-or-office

These lamps are the type of lamps that simply go on either your desk, bedroom, or the bathroom, because they are able to emit both powerful lighting or a soft glow that can soothe the viewers. With it’s glamorous crystal design and the way it can emit light in a way that normal lamps cannot. They also come in a variety of colors, so that you can mix and match for the perfect color that will fit the environment around it. We recommend this product to those who are willing to pay a bit more for better lighting and better design to the basic lamp.

The cost of these lamps aren’t terribly expensive, but they are a bit more expensive than the higher quality lamps available today. However, these have a bit more flexibility in the strength of the lighting as well as the way it can be presented, due to their crystal material nature. These types of products also save a bit more energy because the crystals act as a light refracting features, which lets the lamp itself emit more light than is given off by the bulb, making the area more bright with less energy used.

Crystal Table Lamps

These lamps are the type of lamps that are best fit on top of tables, as the base and tops are designed to be well suited for that purpose. These lamps are both stylish and sleek, making them a good fit on any type of table that you may have. They also have crystals mostly on the middle column of the product, so that it can have a good look when it is sitting on top of a table.

The cost of these lamps aren’t expensive, but they aren’t that cheap either. This is because they are mostly made of high quality materials, which makes them expensive in the first place, with most of them also being hand-crafted, raising the price even further. However, they last a long time and are a great fit for those looking for a one time purchase that lasts a long time.

Essential Lamps

These lamps are the type of lamps that should be located inside of every home because of their stylish looks, affordable price, and the light that it provides very beautifully. If you don’t have any of these essential lamps, we recommend that you do get one, as it will spice up the design of your living space.

Crystal Floor Lamps

These types of lamps are the type of lamps that are normally very long and are usually placed on floors. These are the type of lamps that are usually placed on floors and are a lot stronger in terms of light than table lamps because they are meant to be one of the main sources of light in the room. However, other than being a good source of light, they can also look great as well, with the crystal design on the base and top of the lamp.crystal-floor-lamps

The price of these lamps are a bit on the costlier side because these are a bit bigger and require more materials to build, and they also provide a bit more light. However, these type of lamps can give off a lot of more light than the desk types, which makes them a better choice if you require a crystal lamp that are the main source of light, rather than an assisting source of light.

Crystal Buffet Lamps

These types of lamps are the types of lamps that are normally placed on the sides of tables to provide a bit of light to areas that are a bit dark and are in need of a bit of light. Although these lamps won’t provide enough light to light up the whole area, they are enough to give off enough to light up their area. These types of lamps are best used near food, because of the dim atmosphere it can create.

These type of lamps are a bit on the expensive side, due to their nature of being taller, requiring more materials, and giving off more light, however they are more worth it to those who need primary sources of light that are a bit more stylish. Although, they may be more expensive, we recommend that you see if it is worth it for you rather than a table lamp, as it provides more light.

Antique Lamps

These lamps are the type of lamps that are sought by antique collectors. Because these lamps are more on the design side and look dated, they may be great to have as a design piece on your shelf for decoration. If you are a antique collector or even a interior designer, you will be amazed at how cheap and great looking these lamps are and how great it will look alongside other antique collections.


All of these types of crystal lamps are great, it depends on where and how you use them that makes these type of lamps shine. We highly recommend that you look at the colors and compare, so that you have the best possible combination for your table or room.